Born a son of California, Brando Conklin, an only child, has spent the better part of his adult life searching for the alchemical ingredients which he hopes, if found, might result in the deliverance of worthwhile words. Convinced that if only he could capture these secrets, then perhaps he would no longer have to glimpse the void of an empty page.

But with the cry of 'Eureka!' yet to be heard, the question must be begged: Why does this man write at all? To be sure, the art has been mastered already - and by those far greater than he. Why not make a Tik Tok instead? Show some skin to a subscription based Only Fans account? I mean, seriously, can't this fella read the room?

Alas, the prognosis may be dire: that Mr. Conklin simply belongs to the genus Asinus, otherwise known as The Fool.

He is the architect of this website and is, regrettably, the curled-over creature attached to the dirty fingers that have been writing in the third-person this entire time.

My friend, all I can say is that if you are still reading this, well, may God help us both...
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