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2023 And Me

Getting the ball rolling through trial and error

The AI Antidote

Public Journal #1 - Maintaining meaning while robots join the game of life.

Yellow Daisies and Snackwell's Cookies

A search for the inner child.

Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself

The reason I refer to myself as a fool.

How Many Times Will I See You Again?

Using existential arithmetic to figure out who and what's important.

Gut the fat dragon

To consider life from the height of a bird, one comes to see things with a freshness that is often revealing...

A chair like Vincent's

I’m looking for a new chair. The one I have is cheap, made of some flimsy fake-leather imitation, and also...

Two sides of the same road

The helicopters are whirring above. I heard the first sounds of sirens about thirty minutes ago; they started and the...

I didn't even know he was sick

It was the summer without cheer. ‍Marred in memory by countless days all the same, long spent oppressed under the...

Glory to the Craftsman

(735 words) I have come to believe that writing is, at its core, a job not of the proficient visionary but one of the...

Welcome to spaghetti land

My memory is for shit.‍ I’m like Ten-Second Tom, plus a moment or two. ‍“In one ear and out the other,” as my mom...

Whispering Ray

(2987 words) He is the reason I carry a pocket voice-recorder at all times. In the three days I knew him, Ray showed...

Daniel Johnston: "Artist of the World"

(1151 words) It's hard to imagine a more poignant set of lyrics than those beginning Daniel Johnston’s 1982 track...

My Boy, Flip.

I met my best friend on Christmas Day, 2005. Two days ago, on October 4th, 2020, I said goodbye...

COVID-19: Alrighty then...what next?

Seven weeks ago, I was in the process of apartment hunting in-and-around Los Angeles whilst simultaneously planning...

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